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Tiffin Service

Fresh Prepared
Every Morning


Packed Hot for
Same Day Delivery




8 Rotis, 2 Veggies
with Raita

Introductory Price Starting As Low As Just $200/Month

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Tiffin Pricing

  • 6 Day Monthly $220
  • 5 Day Monthly $200
  • Half Tiffin Monthly $130
  • Weekly Trial $60
  • Single Trial $12

Niagara Tiffin Pricing

  • 5 Day Monthly 10 Roti $240
  • 5 Day Monthly 8 Roti $220
  • 5 Day Monthly 6 Roti $200
  • Weekly Trial $80
  • Single Trial $15

Default packages

Regular Package: 8 Roti and 2 Subji with Raita
Rice Package: 4 Roti and Rice Pack with 2 subji (does not include raita)
Extra Roti Package: 10 Roti and 2 Subji (does not include raita)


We send the rice package with curry on Fridays and the parantha package on Saturdays as a bonus for all of our clients. If you do not prefer to have these packages you can always opt out by emailing us.



You can always customize your tiffin with addons (we offer sweets, salad, roti, raita, subji etc as addons)

Pricing is as follows for each addon: – Sweet $20
– Salad $20
– Rice $40
– Roti $10
– Raita $20
– Subji $70

Delivery Info
Brampton West of 410: Morning delivery before 2 pm / Evening delivery Before 8 pm
Brampton East of 410: Afternoon delivery before 5 pm / Evening delivery before 8 pm (Castlemore not available in the evening)
Malton: Morning delivery before 12 pm / Evening delivery before 8 pm
Etobicoke: Evening delivery before 4 pm
These times are estimates and tiffin delivery will vary day to day depending on order quantity, production speed and weather.
Please contact us for all tiffins outside these areas

Payment Info
Due to Covid-19, we are only accepting online payments.
E-transfers can be sent to info@theindiansweethouse.ca (Please include your name and address in the message box of your e-transfer to avoid any confusion)

Holiday Info
We are closed on all Public Holidays, these days are not adjusted forward.

Phone: 905-457-6969
Email: info@theindiansweethouse.ca
Office Hours: 10am – 8pm (closed Sunday)